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The Life of David, Part 1: His Trials - Series CD

The Life of David, Part 1: His Trials - Series CD

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Many people try to be their own king, but this is a sure road to disaster. God sent you another King and you can trust Him.

In this series, we will follow the story of two kings in the Bible—David and Saul—and discover the very different paths they chose: Saul was a religious man who followed his own heart, and David was a regenerate man who followed Jesus Christ. As the story progresses, the difference between these two men becomes increasingly obvious. You need a king you can trust with absolute authority in your life—a king whose laws you will obey, a king whose direction you will follow, a king whose judgment you will submit to. There is a King you can trust with your life, and his name is Jesus.

This series includes these sermon titles:

1. A King Gone Bad (1 Samuel 15:17-23)
2. A King Provided by God (1 Samuel 16:1-13)
3. Soothe My Troubled Heart (1 Samuel 16:14-23)
4. Anger, Fear, and a Broken Promise (1 Samuel 18:1-30)
5. Bitter, Distressed, and in Debt (1 Samuel 22:1-5)
6. The Deliverer and the Destroyer (1 Samuel 22:6-23:14)
7. The Robe and the Spear (1 Samuel 24:1-22)
8. Grieving Without Gloating (2 Samuel 1:17-27)

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